Have you ever imagined the days when people didn’t have the electricity,  but  still they survived .What about todays’ world ?? We can’t even imagine the things working without electricity.This is just because we are totally dependent on present form of energy ,i.e., electricty.Just think if there is no power plants genereting electricity,then,,,what would happen to us ??where we would go??

If u carefully stick to this question then you will get the answer .Actually ,there can be other sources of generating power .Let me be more clear about this .Take one example , the moon revolves around the sun and at the same time emits the light.From where did it gets the power to emit lights ? It has no electric power stations ,it has no bulbs ,then how do it do?

It absorbs the suns rays and then reflects it towards all around ,at the same time it rotates around the earth,due to earths gravitation pull.So actually ,there are some other sources which can  be another source of power to us , like earth and the moon . Not only this, but there are several other examples in the universe.

So we  must find  such other sources so that we can have alternate options with us .We will not have to depend only on a single source .If we could find this ,then it would be very good for us .Suppose if a single device works with different energy sources then how good it would be for us.A source that won’t end , a source that would be ecofriendly,a source for which we don’t have to pay.Just imagine the situation.

So we must have to think for this.If we get succeed in this then it would be like a miracle for us.