Friends ….who we are ??and why we are??don’t you want to know ??don’t you want to be a successful person??

we talk about successful persons but never tried to do..even if we do we don’t keep patience on us.once we get fail we just leave it saying its not possible for me ..i cannot do it…and so on. But friends this is not the is possible that you can be a successful person only if you believe on yourself.if  you believe on yourself and have full faith on your work ,you are doing then you can change the world .

sometimes what happens that when you fail once then people around you starts criticizing you.they mislead you.they only talk about the failure and not success.But if have patience on yourself then hold on that time, and if you don’t have patience then also you must tolerate it ,because successful person don’t talk much they talk less,their silence is their biggest answer.And your problem is not the people but the reason behind that leads to people talk like this.You must be a positive absorber not the negative absorber.Take only those things that leads you in a right way.

You know yourself better than anybody .What others say is not a matter of concern for you,if you doing a good job.If you read stories of any successful person then you will get one thing common to them i.e.,believe on themselves.They never gave up .they gave up only the thing which they should not keep.

if anybody says that he wants to be a successful person ‘X’then he can’t be that,he can only be more that  or less than that.never try to copy others ,try to be innovative.Do something different than others ,then only your ideas will work.So in order to do all these thing you must dream first ,not one day but everyday..every moment.

Dream…..believe in dream.. work hard on dream…..and …perseverance…