Sometimes , somebody says something that annoys me a lot .I don’t know why? What they understand is not only difficult to understand but its fairly impossible .They utter such word that sometimes leads to anarchy sometimes in home ,state, and sometimes in the country. Instead of doing what they are meant for ,they waste their time in criticizing others .I know its difficult to understand what I m saying but it is all about the person who consider themselves as superior and rest are as inferior.

If you do not have tasted the grapes ,you cannot say whether it is sour or sweet. Similarly if we do not belong to the field in which others belong we should not comment or criticize  them for their work .We all do it .right??

Frankly speaking  generally in our country people sitting upstairs who are responsible to our countrys’  well being sometimes comments on such issues which is really unbearable .I personally feel they should be hanged off publically.

Today the burning issues in our country  are  cleanliness and so many. People are waiting that someone will come and will clean their houses.I don’t know why people don’t understand they that government cannot do anything unless or until we take initiative. We point others with forefinger but we forget that the rest three fingers are against us. We should question ourselves first whether we are doing that work which I m going to ask others.

Now a days people defines success on a ppt (power point presentation) in the form of a definition or picture. In a 2 or 3 hour lecture they defines and tells what is our interest and how should we achieve it. But ,friends its not a lecture that will decide your interest or your success. They will tell you the shortcut to success but there is no shortcut to success. The only way to success is the only thing and that is ‘WORK HARD’.

Understand yourself first and never be too quick to judge yourself. Give yourself time and take small steps to judge your talent.


Now coming to the most touching topic …..i.e., love. In a 3 hour of movie I don’t know what people understand. After coming out they feel that consider the real life as film life and do such things which they are not supposed to do. They talk  about those things which is which do not work in the real world. They fall in love and thinks that they are the hero .Dear you can’t compare a 3 hour movie with 30 years of journey. They are fictitious and not realistic. Problem is, we are too much impatient .we want everything quickly as soon as we see or asked. But all these does lead you to the right way.