My heart is full of emotions,
Ups and has its own motion,
I often feel like I’ll cry,
I won’t…I always try,
Thinking of someone bothers me a lot,
I fear If she grows as a crack less pot,
Hours spent on thinking,
I kept doing so without my eyes blinking,
Her life is in the phase of destruction,
Where vanished…those steps of construction??
Often think will I be able to bear all,
Answer comes No,u will have a great fall,
As diya also blows off without the oil,
But she keeps on going..I wonder..she is made up of which soil,
Smile on her face with blushing eyes,
Old pics compel me to stare at her glow twice or thrice,
That Smile is alive but her heart has faced a death,
Even the zeal fall down of taking her breath,
I was lost looking at her pic seriously,
Tears rolled down my eyes vigorously,
In her life she was doing well,
And I asked God,”why her life is such a hell”?