A true friend is the one who snatches everything from your hand , fights with you, scolds you, cries with you and at the same time laughs with you. It’s not just to fill his/her own motive  but just because he/she cares you. He/She will hate you because he/she is the one who loves you the most after your parents.

If you are a coin then  a true friend is one of the facets of the coin .He/She does not want you to lose ,so it becomes your duty to fulfill his/her  desire .He/She will stand by your side in your all odds ,in all ups and downs and even if you are wrong.

He/She will care you so much and will try to fulfill your desire while crushing his/her   own  desire . He/She will never pretend that he/she is the one who cares for you.  He /She will never show it off. A true friend is the heart of your soul ,eyes if  you are blind and your legs if you are handicapped.

A true friend has 0% proud and 100% determination that he/she will be with you. Real friends can only be earned and not bought.

But…there are some people who pretends that they care for you but they do it to fulfill there own motives .These people are selfish and the beautiful word “FRIEND” does not suit them. They make only castles in the air and on the ground they do nothing. They will take you to the last point of destiny and just before that they will push you out of window . So its very important to analyze before making a close friend.

Life can’t be imagined without friends , so if you want to have a true friend then first you should become a true friend because true friends can only be earned.

And i am glad that i have these friends………