Life is so beautiful .It is long and at the same time it is short also .It totally depends upon the user’s thinking .Life does not run according to us instead u will have to manage yourself according to your life. It will put a lot of hurdles before you and it will examine you till the last breathe and those who qualify deserves  some better time.

There are some situations where we  find ourselves struck between two things ,that time we are unable to think what to do .Even if we know the solution but also  there is something which holds us back .There is a communication gap between your heart and mind. But if you have patience then you can do whatever you want .If you are unable to decide what to do then just close your eyes and think for a step and then just go. Don’t let yourself think what will happen instead just go for it ,because you don’t know what is going to happen .If you cannot say what will happen to you next second then why to waste time in thinking about future.

There are some situations when we come across some situations when we start thinking about result or you can say consequence before starting our work. One thing we must remember the fruit of your work is not in your hand. It belongs to you but the caretaker is someone else. So, if you don’t know the fruit then why to worry about the consequence.

Even if you fail …take it seriously and see what  was the mistake you had done. May be you are right but may  be it’s not the right time for you to get that fruit. Everything happens for a good reason …might be it will make you more perfect.

Look around yourself and you will find that there is no one who one who got his success in one attempt. It’s takes a lot off effort to convert yourself from a person to a PERSON. So work harder without thinking what will happen. Think it’s your last day and you will have to complete it anyhow.

Many a times we define success. Actually success is nothing but its just an illusion.It seems to be real but actually it is not. It’s like you are a topper of your class so you are successful but next time someone else becomes the topper so he is successful ,that doesn’t mean you failed .It means that success is just a reflection of your hard work  and hard work depends upon you and your thinking i.e., correlation between your body ,mind and soul.

Someone has said ,”mustqbil se pahle hume mustaqbil ki mumkinaat ke bare me nhi sochna chahea. It means never think about consequence before thinking about your destiny.

Always remember ,”past cannot come and future has no existence ,so always  live in present because that will decide future.” Widgets