Parents ….who are they ?? Are they someone who are gives us birth??Or they are someone who just plays an role in our life.?? I don’t think that they are here to just play a role. They are the most wonderful God’s creation .In fact the scriptures also proves it, where God also  bends before their parents. They are the one who never thinks bad for us a bit second. They always try to fulfill our dream even if they are unable to do so. After working the whole day they never show us that are tired .They are always with us in our happiness as well as in our sad moments. When we feel sad  they console us. They remain with us and try to make us understand what is right .From the moment we were born they start preparing about our future. They do not ask anything from us .They just want to see us happy.

So, don’t you think it is our responsibility to be with them when they need us. Every parents just want you with to be them in their old age. But , if we see our generations it is not happening so. People are leaving their parents for their so called tiny motives. They consider them as burden and leave them to live either alone or sent them to old age homes. I ask them is this fair what they are doing. We call ourselves modern and civilized  but do our attitude show this? The person who loved us most deserve this ??Take a moment and think friends.

There are some people who for just for their desires what they call love or whatever it is, leave their parents and run away from home. I want to ask those people that the person whom you met just before a day ,a month ,or a year, become important than your parents who gave you birth and took care of you 20 or more years .This is the gift you are giving them. I m not against them but what they are doing is not justified not at all. If they dare to love they must have the daring to agree them not forcefully or by threatening them but with love and effort.

One more thing we must also think that if we are nothing now ,I mean unemployed or jobless then  why do we think to take such decisions. Doing love being unemployed is not at all a problem but being unemployed and taking the others responsibility is not at all a fair decision. Remember one thing if you cannot fulfill your responsibilities then how can you promise others to do so.”

Parents are most precious and are incomparable . We must respect them not for what they did or do but for what  they are . Actually we have the habit of realizing our mistake after the incident takes place. But, if we realize it before, we could live cheerfully. So, friends don’t be too late before it becomes too late.                                                                                                                 LOVE YOUR PARENTS .