The best creation of God .We call her ‘maa’,’mom’,’mother’,’mummy’ or perhaps with many different names . She is the one person who renders selfless service to her children.She doesn’t ask for her but asks to you what you need? If the real love exists in the world that would be in the lap of your mother.
From the moment you are born till the moment you are dead,you still remain child for her. You are the luckiest person if you have your mother and most importantly you care for her but you become the most unluckiest person if you don’t have your mother .Even if you don’t have your mother and you still love her you will be able to see the miracle of her blessings.

Your mother asks nothing from you. All she need is just a moment of love from you.It becomes boon if she blesses you but it becomes curse if she is hurt.
Your mother is always there for you in all you need,she cries if you cry, she laughs if you laugh.But, she will never let you know if she is crying just because you are happy.
She knows everything happening to you.If you are struck in a situation then she automatically understands that something is not right.I don’t know how does it happen but its the reality and you all must have experienced it.I think its the heart to heart relation.
The greatest example of mercy is your mother.She always forgives you.She kills all her desires just for your a tiny need.So,all I know is that she is the one closest to our heart .We ought to respect her and love her and never lie her because you are going to miss her after some years.LOVE HER…….

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