Life is not a bed of roses ..its all about struggle.whether it is about your business..or your studies..or for livelihood.Some are struggling for getting admission in good colleges ..while some are for getting his/her girl/boy friend impressed.Actually maximum number of people commit mistakes in spite of knowing the fact that they  are doing it.they realize it after committing it.

The most common thing that the people do is that they fall into the trap of those things which has no importance that time and then waste the time, but the time  never comes my friend by the time you realize it, it has already gone .

But it is said ,”the time you wasted enjoying is not a wasted time”.everything happens for a good reason.Life always gives you a second chance,sometimes three chance .Every time when you do something wrong you realize that you should not had to do that.So don’t worry about what you have lost ,in spite see  what you have learned because the thing which is lost once ,will not come again .Life always teaches you every moment.If you could realize the thing and learn from it then you can be a successful person.

The time you start doing something for  yourself ,your parents ,and most importantly for your society,then you feel the real happiness.The real happiness is always hidden in others’ happiness. In my view, there is only a difference of one step between success and failure, if you could cross that then you can be a successful person .

If you carefully look around you then you will realize that only some of the person lead the world.if they can  do  then why can’t you??

Identify yourself and your talent.Be perfect in your field of work to.Be what you want to  be.Don’t listen what others say.They will not do anything for you they will just tease you and make fun of you.They are just like ‘crabs’.Listen to yourself ,think whether it is right and then JUST DO IT.

Don’t bind the success with time,it may take time ,you must have perseverance.Work hard without thinking of the result.One day you will definitely get it, and that time you will the happiest person.

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